President’s word

After traveling on several continents (Madrid, Tokyo, Houston, Buenos Aires, Sydney and Rome), the World Energy Congress returned to Montreal in September 2010. This congress, which is held every three years, became a point meeting point for all leaders in the world of energy on the planet. And even if every era faces its challenges, the 2010 convention may be of unprecedented importance.

Globally, all energy sectors are facing a growing sense of urgency. Until 2020, more energy will be needed, as prices rise and global energy demand is expected to double by 2050. One-third of the world’s population has no energy supply reliable. In addition, the energy industry faces significant environmental, social and political acceptability issues. In short, the situation is more complex than ever.

In the fall of 2010, the context will be conducive to a new reflection on energy. This will be the first major international gathering following the COP15 * in Copenhagen with the aim of reaching a new global climate agreement for the post-2012 period (the end of the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol). d Kyoto). The new rules and objectives that should result from this important meeting will obviously affect the energy sector, which will have to adapt and take note of the new rules of the game.

It is from this perspective of urgency and profound transformations that the theme of the Congress, ”  Act now on global issues – For a world of energy in motion  “, makes perfect sense.

During the 4 days of the Congress, the theme will be broken down into 4 major “planetary issues”. Each day will be structured in a very dynamic manner with alternating keynote speakers, more technical parallel sessions and plenary sessions with panel discussions and group discussions. During these days, we will continue to progress in the same way from awareness of the issues of the day, to a more specific sectoral analysis before proceeding to a summary of the day’s discussions, a synthesis that will always be focused on actions to take. At the same time, we take care to prepare for you enriching technical visits and captivating social activities, which will surely make your stay with us memorable.

Everyone who has ever had the opportunity to come to Montreal has been able to see the unique attractions of our city and its environment. This is especially true in September when the climate is very pleasant and the fall colors are already beginning to transform our landscapes. The Palais des congrès, the event site and the official hotels are located in the heart of the city center, less than 2 kilometers apart.

We make every effort to provide you with a meaningful and high quality program, and to make your stay enjoyable, memorable and affordable.

Looking forward to meeting you in Montreal,