Good Time Awaits for Parents/Grandparents with New Canadian Sponsorship Programs

Canada is forever flexible with its immigration policies for one and all. The country continually strives in to proffer the best of the facilities to every individual that comes with unique dreams. Albeit a lot of applicants get selected every year for immigration programs, they fail to bring along their parents in Canada. However, thanks to the ever-supporting Canadian Government for introducing new programs which allow the citizen/permanent residents to bring their parents or grandparents.

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For those who want to get started with this program should take the aid of sponsorship lawyers Toronto. Professional lawyers will unravel all confusions and assist the candidates for successful approvals of family sponsorship applications.

More on the programs:

Cajoling parents or elderly grandparents in the much-admired diversity of Canada is now made easy with the 2 following programs:

Parent and Grandparent Program(PGP)

This impeccable program aims to provide eligible parent(s) or grandparent(s) to achieve permanent Canadian residence. With the pace of time, they may also apply for Canadian citizenship. However, to the initiate the process from scratch, a sponsor, i.e. Canadian citizen/ permanent resident must fill in an online form on the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) website. Individuals must submit the application within 60 days of invitation.

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According to the statistics, IRCC will process almost 17,000 applications for PGP in 2018. Successful applicants went to sponsorship lawyers Toronto to get through the entire process smoothly.

The expert lawyers help people to understand every requisite as per the guideline. For example, an applicant must meet a few criteria before applying for such a program. A lawyer will guide through these following requirements such as:

  • Individual must age minimum 18 years
  • Must be a permanent residence or citizen of Canada
  • Need to meet minimum income requirements as issued by Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Sponsor should sign an undertaking for repaying any kind of provincial social assistance paid for tenure of 20 years.

There are a few more relevant requisites which the applicants can eventually learn with the right guidance of sponsorship lawyers Toronto.

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Super Visa Program

Super Visa Program is a true one-off. It allows the sponsors’ parents/grandparents to reside in the country for up to 10 years. Here, the family members get the tag of long-term visitors. The primary advantage is that, unlike standard visitor visas, Super Visa Program permits the visa holders to continue their stays up to 2 years on the initial entry itself.

So, apart from getting multiple-visa entries, parents/grandparents can utilize such facilities. However, they also need to qualify a few easy-to-meet eligibility criteria before getting the visa:

  • Individual must furnish a written commitment showing financial support from their sponsors
  • Should complete the necessary immigration medical examination
  • Proof of having health insurance of minimum 1 year from Canada
  • Must produce sponsor’s income certificate

Once the visa holders meet these criteria, they are eligible for this program. However, depending on their nationality parents/grandparents may also require a Temporary Resident Visa apart from the Super Visa. To complete this little yet vital procedure, a sponsorship lawyers Toronto should be the best bet.

So, with such options and right set of circumstances, getting along and reviving the bond with kith and kin, is no more a hurdle. All thanks to these super programs!

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